Environment Protection
Environmental Friendly and Green Life

Jenjaan Quartek Corporation and Dong Guan Allied Project Limited - Mainly to manufacture crystal products, provide related technical services, pursue excellence simultaneously, and take the mission of providing the most complete service.
We are eager to promote environmental protection and conservation while maintaining the growth of our company. We strive to meet our environmental goals:

✔ Implement the environmental management system of ISO 14001.
✔ Comply with the national environmental regulations and customer environmental requirements.
✔ Create a healthy and safe workplace for employees to eliminate occupational accidents.
✔ Dedicated to pollution prevention and energy conservation.
✔ Continuously observing and improving our management and system to refine performance.

Encourage employees to provide feedback on the evaluation and implementation of environmental safety and protection.

✔ Be transparent to the public about our environmental goals and policies.

Enhance employees’ environmental awareness and emphasize environmental protection to our suppliers and contractors.

JenJaan environmental quality control system and specifications are in accordance with the EU RoHS Instructions, RHACH Regulation and Sony Technical Standards Document ( SS-00259 ); moreover, JenJaan also meets those environmental substance control regulations indicated by other customer requirements. JenJaan wastewater treatment meets the standard for process and industrial water set forth in the reuse of urban recycling water, Water Quality Standard For Industrial Uses (GB/T19923-2005), and the requirement of company’s internal self-required quality of recycled water. The remaining 10% of wastewater will be outsourced for treatment and will be disposed of properly, therefore, not impacting the surrounding water environment. Let JenJaan continue to protect and guard the environment that all of us live in.

Conflict-Free Minerals Policy

As a member of the electronics industry and global community, we take corporate social responsibility to comply with the related requirements and the code of conduct prescribed by EICC & GeSI. Our supply chain does not obtain our minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), or any associated paramilitary groups due to extensive human rights violations. These minerals include, but are not limited to: gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co), and tin (Sn). Our policy is as follows:

We will not purchase or use minerals from mines in conflict regions of The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or from adjacent countries.
Request upstream and all raw material suppliers to refuse to use conflict minerals from the conflict regions.