Established in 1996, Jenjaan Quartek Corporation (NSK) specializes in designing and producing crystal units and oscillators. We have well-trained and professional RD, experienced management, and production personnel. As a result of having years of experience in the field, we accumulate expertise regarding original equipment manufacturing, research and development, exceptional production management, the most detailed product testing, and impeccable customer service.

JenJaan has contributed its remarkable designs and production abilities to world-renowned companies. Those services include software testing and crystal oscillator specification design. We have accumulated abundant experience in diversified product development and production.

Key tenets of JenJaan are innovation and the reception of our clients’ opinions and suggestions. We invest significant manpower and resources to achieve all our requirements for product design and manufacturing according to our clients’ specifications. In addition, with rigorous product testing, we can provide the most reliable OEM and ODM services to continue to supply a diverse line of innovative and high-quality products that match our clients’ demands.