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Employees are Our Most Important Asset.

Our employees have countless opportunities to demonstrate their talent. Benefits of Joining the JenJaan Team

New Employee Orientation

After training, new team members start work feeling a warm group atmosphere, having a comprehensive understanding of their new positions, participating in an inclusive working environment and being an integral part of a motivating company culture.

Birthday Celebration

The office holds a birthday party, during business hours, on the first Friday of each month for the upcoming birthdays in the month. Those employees receive birthday bonuses and are celebrated by others in the work family.

Overseas & Domestic Trips

JenJaan provides funding for company vacations, whether they be domestic or overseas, and employees can decide the destination. Besides trips, employees can also choose a restaurant where a get-together can be held and JenJaan pays the bill. This helps enhance cohesiveness, unity, and support for fellow colleagues.

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunity

Our company is an equal opportunity employer; we strive to include everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, age, and sexual orientation. We offer multiple benefits and accommodations for people with differing circumstances, such as paid maternity and paternity leave and allowance.

Recognize All Kinds of Talents

Inspire creativity and a friendly working atmosphere so you can balance work and life perfectly.

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Give full scope to the talents and endless learning! Welcome to join the NSK family!