Test Board Service
Compatibility of Quartz Crystal and Oscillation Circuit

We provide testing services for the compatibility of the quartz crystal and the oscillator circuit. By using professional testing equipment, we can measure the frequency output of the monomer after the on-board vibration and compare the parameters to ensure there is minimal deviation between the customer circuit and the correct frequency. We also ensure to rigorously evaluate the customer’s circuit board to ensure the deviation does not cause any defects.

Step 1:Frequency Precision Measurement

1-1 We measure the frequency output of the quartz crystal while at room temperature.
1-2 Put the quartz crystal on the board and use Spectrum to measure the frequency of the oscillation on the oscillation circuit.
1-3 We compare the data gathered from previous steps to determine the deviation between the room temperature test and the board test.
1-4 If the frequency deviation is significant, we adjust the load capacitance of the oscillator circuit to reduce and avoid the deviation of frequency data.

Step 2:Negative Resistance Measurement

2-1 We connect electricity through the board and confirm that the oscillation has started. Rx value is the amount of resistance that will make the crystal stop functioning.
2-2 To calculate the negative resistance, we insert the Rx value into the formula: R = (R1 + Rx)

Step 3:Drive Level Measurement

3-1 After powering the oscillator circuit, we connect the clamp meter and measure the actual current on the circuit(mA).
3-2 then we insert the current value into the drive level formula: Drive Level = I * RL